Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guest Blogging Opportunity

Hello everyone. I am sure the reason you are reading this is because you are interested in guest blogging on my site. So let me explain how this will work. The focus of my blog is to provide other aspiring and new authors with tips and encouragement so they can follow their dreams and start their journeys as published authors. In addition, I also provide short stories preferably around 1,000 words. I will only feature a few blogs a month--only the best will make it. If you have a great blog post or short story, please feel free to email it to me--text & pic should be pasted in the message box:

  1. Write compelling relevant posts.
  2. Include your name with a quick bio and a link to your website.
  3. Include experiences related to the profession.
  4. Attach a picture because pictures attract more readers.
  5. Proper grammar is essential--please revise and edit your post.
  6. Send pieces that represent your writing in the best light possible.
  7. Be professional.
  1. No profanity, offensive language, or inappropriate topics. I like to keep it as PG as possible.
  2. No arguing with commenters. Be respectful of others opinions good or bad.
  3. Don't send a blog about flowers when the main topic is about writing. Unless it is used as a metaphor or is a beautifully written short story.
  4. Don't send your first draft--I will only make minor adjustments for misspellings and/or punctuations errors.
  5. Don't "link-bomb" the guest post.
  6. Don't be a spammer--no one likes a spammer.
  7. Don't pester--one email will be fine. I'll get to your message, I promise!
List of Topics:
  • Plot, character development, setting, dialogue, etc.
  • Publishing, formatting, and everything in between
  • Marketing, press releases, networking, etc.
  • Illustration and cover design
  • Humorous and/or informative life experiences as a writer and/or illustrator
  • Descriptive narratives, stories with morals, etc.
  • Artwork and the story behind them.
  • PG short stories, all age-groups. Twists and turns are okay, but don't go gory. And definitely no cursing! Profanity is a no-no. Same with drugs and discrimination.
In the end, which posts make it on here are ultimately determined by me. If I do not feel your post is appropriate for my blog, it will not be shown here. When your blog is featured, I will also include links to it on my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. And by submitting your posts, you are giving me permission to use them on my blog and allowing me to post to other sites. Naturally, you reserve all rights to your works. Thank you for the interest. Hope to feature you soon! Peace and love.

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