Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Review: Rayne Shines by Bonnie Ferrante

Lilly's Rating: Really Loves it!

Lilly's Rating Scale: It's Okay, Likes It, Loves it, Really Loves It

Lilly is a 3 year old reader, but if you ask her she will always say she is 4 (which will be true in another month). She loves "kitties, and birdies, and ponies". When she is not reading, she is drawing or jumping into a big pile of pillows.

Today, we had the pleasure of reading Rayne Shines by Bonnie Ferrante. Rayne Shines follows a family who only finds the negatives in life. When a new carefree family moves in, Rayne notices the differences between her family and her happy neighbors.

This story is a great read because it teaches kids to look for the good in life and not get caught up in the bad. Otherwise, they will miss out on how wonderful life can be. In addition, Ms. Ferrante includes a list of discussion questions for parents to talk about with their children. Overall, we would recommend this book because this story has a great message and cute illustrations.

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-) It was especially reassuring that you thought the pictures were cute because I was criticized for not drawing humans.

    1. You are very welcome, Bonnie! And don't take the criticism too hard. Animals have a universal appeal and are great to use when the message of the story is more important than the characters themselves. In my opinion, you made the right decision making your main characters frogs versus humans. Best wishes!