Saturday, August 9, 2014

Book Review: Robbie Zero, Super Girl Hero by C.L. Vaagen

Robbie Zero, Super Girl Hero
C.L. Vaagen & Mike Henderson
Publisher: Crystal Vaagen
No Contact Info
$5.99 US Kindle, 20 pgs.

Robbie Hero, Super Girl Hero by C.L. Vaagen is a must read for elementary and middle grade students. It addresses the main aspects of the anti-bullying campaign in an well-crafted short story. Robbie Zero is a young girl who is bullied by a mean boy named Tommy. Instead of standing up for herself, she tries to remain invisible, hoping the bullying will stop. But instead, she suffers silently. That is until one day when she encounters her bully in a terrifying predicament.

We liked this story because it explains the struggles bullying victims encounter both physically and mentally. It details the terror victims feel at the sight of their tormentor. And the great thing about this story is the main character's transformation. She grows from a timid child to a strong girl with a purpose. This story teaches empathy, standing up for what is right, and treating others how you would want to be treated. Additionally, the illustrations by Mike Henderson capture the emotion of the story. Overall, this is wonderful book that all kids should read.

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