Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book Review: Chasing Fate By Maria Miller

Chasing Fate
Maria Miller
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN:1475252404/ASIN: B008R8B8T4
$9.99 US Paperback/ $5.99 US Kindle

5 Stars:

Chasing Fate by Maria Miller is an enjoyable read. This YA story is an action-packed, emotional journey that follows a teenager as she finds herself in the middle of an unexpected adventure. The daughter of a successful businessman, Kate seems like she lives the charmed life. But she faces some harsh daily truths behind the walls of her luxurious exterior. Kate learns to hid her misfortunes of having an alcoholic, abusive father and timid, excuse-giving mother from others. That is until her teacher catches on after Kate fails to turn in her final project.

Her teacher offers her a redemption assignment-- she has to interview someone in order to pass.  Kate does not want to interview one of her father's friends, so she chooses a low-life bum to finish her assignment. Little does she know, this "bum" has led a secretive life as an ex-Navy Seal. When he asks her to return an idol, Kate finds herself in the middle of a crazy mission. With the disappearance of the bum to traveling across new lands, this story keeps the reader engaged.

Maria Miller does a great job with plot and character development. Her characters are strong, believable, and exciting. Her story is filled with plot twists that keep the pace fast and exhilarating. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an awesome adventure story with a twist.

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