Saturday, July 12, 2014

Media Release: The Tooth Fairy Retires

The Tooth Fairy Retires


World Wide Web—The Retired Tooth Fairy, a debut children’s book by Jaclyn M. Bartz, was released by Amazon on July 5th. Like her character, Jaclyn is also a retired tooth fairy.

Jaclyn M. Bartz is a former dental hygiene student from the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL. She aspired to be a dentist specializing in Geriatric Dentistry. As she was about to complete the first step of her goals, Jaclyn went through a tragic event which forced her to leave the profession she loved dearly. But amid her sadness, destiny called to her in the form of a child’s voice.

When her oldest daughter lost another tooth, she was asked one simple question: What happens when you or Daddy loses a tooth? This was the moment that Jaclyn, a recently retired tooth fairy, found her calling. As a lifelong writer and artist, Jaclyn realized how to join all of her passions together. She spent the next years breathing life into her character.

The Retired Tooth Fairy follows the misadventures of an unlikely tooth fairy. Conveniently named Beatrice, which means traveler, this tooth fairy collects the easy-to-find grown-up teeth. But Bea finds out these teeth are not so easy to collect. With the magic of her Youthful Dust running out and the loss of her magic pack, Bea must risk being caught by humans. Will she make it home or will she be captured?

Jaclyn M. Bartz has written, illustrated, and designed her debut children’s book. The Retired Tooth Fairy is available on Amazon in both Print and Kindle form. The Official Book Trailer can be found on YouTube.


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