Friday, August 8, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Young Mystery Series--The Missing Lunch by B. K. Maxwell

The Young Mystery Series: The Missing Lunch
B.K. Maxwell
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$6.99 US Paperback/ $2.99 US Kindle

5 Stars:

The Young Mystery Series by B.K. Maxwell is a new detective series following a sibling duo, Kia-9 years old and Marcus 8 years old. In The Missing Lunch, the story starts in the children's elementary school in a small Michigan town. While having lunch, their friend Dennis asks for help. His mom's world famous pb&j sandwich has been stolen out of his lunch box for the past couple days, and he has been forced to eat the gross cafeteria school instead. He hopes they can find the culprit quick. Kia and Marcus agree to help their friend. But this is a difficult case for them to solve. Their culprit is super sneaky and has the duo on a wild goose chase.

My daughter and I really enjoyed this story. It is a classic fun detective story similar to Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. My daughter instantly connected with the main character, Kia. She loved how strong-willed and clever she is. The settings, dialogue, and characters are kid-friendly and relatable. My daughter chimed in several times about experiences the characters faced and how they reminded her of things in her own life. This page turner kept her interest from the second she opened it to the very unwanted end.

B.K. Maxwell is a new force in the "kidlit" world, and there are plenty of reasons for him to go far: his dialogue is convincing, fun, and well-crafted; his plot development is exquisite; and his character development is awe-inspiring. Overall, we would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a great new detective series for their children. It is a fantastic read.

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