Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Review: Jesper Jinx by Marko Kitti

Crystal's Rating: 6 out of 5 Cupcakes (No, the "6" is not a typo.)
Crystal is an avid reader and aspiring cupcake master. Her love of reading sparked early on when she was just a wide-eyed lil tot. Now a tween, she enjoys stories with more complicated themes (even though she still enjoys a cute illustration here and there).
We had the pleasure of reading, Jesper Jinx by Marko Kitti over the weekend. Jesper Jinx is about an eleven-year old boy who has an appetite for trouble whether it is intended or not. This book features a collection of his stories, from pranks on his sister to his new friendship with classmate who has a moustache. It is appropriately targeted for middle grade audiences. This book is a gem!
'Jesper Jinx' will leave you wanting more. From the very beginning to the unwanted end, Marko Kitti does a wonderful job making his readers laugh out loud in delight. The illustrations are adorable and enhance this already exciting book. 'Jesper Jinx' engages the readers by talking directly to them and having them swear not to let Jesper know the narrator is telling these stories. In addition, there is a cute rebuff from Jesper's cat that is a creative literary gift from Mr. Kitti.
Overall, this book is highly recommend because the voice, pace, and cast of characters are humorous, creative, and exciting!
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