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Food Run by Cindy Santos

Food Run
Cindy Santos
Amazon Digital Publishing
B00L8OHIU2, Kindle $0.99 US, www.amazon.com

Synopsis (From Amazon.com): It’s getting late. An out-of-work, divorced mother of two, makes a last-minute dash to the supermarket before it closes. Referencing her shopping list, she races through the store, compares prices and strives to stick to her limited budget as she buys groceries for her school-aged children and ailing mother. Her late-night shopping trip almost goes according to plan, until it’s time for her to pay. An unexpected encounter at the checkout stand forces her to consider all her choices – and their consequences.

Cindy Santos delivers an emotional, descriptive short-story that tackles important issues related to the suffering of some modern day people. Food Run is a story about a divorced mother's dreaded trip to the grocery store. This Stanford graduate is forced to accept receiving government assistance in order to feed her family. The story throws the reader into the inner thoughts, fears, and frustrations while dealing with the less than ideal situation the main character faces. Ms. Santos does a wonderful job showing the struggles of her character and the prejudice people display toward people who are down on their luck. Additionally, she highlights the human disconnect between big grocery stores and local shops as her character remembers the days when store owners treated people as though they were important instead of the ones that only are concerned with their "bottom line".

This story is relatable for people experiencing similar situations, and is an eye-opener for those who look down on people receiving welfare. In my opinion, the best aspect of this story is the message about not judging people because no one knows what the other person is going through. In this recession, college educated people have lost their jobs and have not been able to recover. Some had to go on welfare for temporary assistance, others are going back to change careers, and many were forced to take low-paying jobs to try to make ends meet. It is a sad truth, and Cindy Santos does an amazing job bringing humanity into this story.

Food Run is a story for people who are experiencing these issues and for those looking to understand the problems in our society. I would not recommend this for anyone who cannot empathize with people down on their luck or those who demonize others for accepting government assistance.

About the Author (Taken from Amazon):
Cindy Santos is a Cuban-American author and writer with a social conscious. Born and raised in Southern California, Cindy developed a passion for writing at an early age and dreamed of one day becoming a journalist. After attending three community colleges, she transferred to the University of Southern California in 2005 where she double majored in print journalism and contemporary American history. As an undergraduate student, she interned at a magazine and three newspapers to make her dream a reality. Upon her graduation from USC in 2008, she initially pursued a career in journalism, but later decided to devote herself to writing fiction based on current events. Known as a champion for Latino literature and multicultural realism, Cindy's stories capture the essence of everyday life in our troubled times. Her recently released short story, "Food Run," is her first published work of fiction. Cindy currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area where she is working on her debut novel.

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Food Run by Cindy Santos


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